Import/export manager
This service adds new documents to the system that come from the CD loader, soft scanning, soft copying or electronic filing. It can also extract documents from the system and exchange them with other services.

Messages are generated by the system and can be distributed to users for action based on a variety of criteria and rules. The data used can come from ePHOENIX itself or from legacy systems, or may be input by the user direct.

ePHOENIX server
The server is the central service for the active user applications. The ePHOENIX server receives requests for data from the GUI applications, collects this data from the other services and sends it to the GUI for display. It also receives data from the GUI applications and sends it as updates to the storage services.

Document archive (jPXI)
The jPXI is an electronic archive designed for storing scanned images of patent documents. It is also capable of storing other types of document and file format as well.

Dossier management system (jDMS)
The jDMS is the repository of all data relating not only to the electronic dossiers and their documents but also to user organisation, and of all control information for the use of ePHOENIX.

Graphical user interface (GUI)
The GUI is the interface that allows people to use the system. It contains multiple applications that carry out all the business functions required by the users.