epolineŽ PHOENIX (ePHOENIX) is a document and dossier management system designed to support the processes involved in the handling of IP documents.

The system, which was developed by the European Patent Office, allows IP offices to manage application dossiers in electronic form. It provides a means for scanning all incoming documents and a user interface to display the resulting electronic dossier on screen, as well as supporting the printing and distribution of work.

ePHOENIX replaces physical paper files, thus removing the need for space-consuming archives and time-consuming transportation and management. Representing a further step towards the paperless office, the system improves efficiency and cost-effectiveness throughout the life-cycle of IP documents.

ePHOENIX is highly configurable. It provides tools and interfaces which allow existing IT systems, organisational structures, working procedures and conventions to be retained. This means minimal development costs, minimal risk and maximum user acceptance. Furthermore, it is a flexible Java-based system that can operate in a wide variety of IT architectures.

Thanks to its customisation possibilities, ePHOENIX can also be used to handle non-IP documents.